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The teaching platform to save you time

Access a growing marketplace of teaching resources. Customise, create and deliver ready-made lessons anytime, anywhere on any device. Assess, and intervene through worksheets complete with automated marking and reporting to track student progress.

Unleash the magic of the Wand platform with the key benefits:


Reduce Time on Lesson Planning & Marking – Wand reduces the amount of time teachers need for planning  and marking with ready-made, quality-assured resources

Create, Download or Customise – Wand gives teachers the choice to download, customise or create their own materials

Curriculum Based Testing and Assessment – Testing and assessments aligned to the curriculum, written by subject experts

Decreased Admin Time – Decreased admin time through automated assignment scheduling  and reporting

Actionable Data on Student Progress – Teachers and senior leaders get access to a wide range of reports that will enable informed actions from teachers to manage the teaching process.


Stephen Farmer – Head teacher

“The software highlights any gaps in learning so my teachers can ensure that their students reach their full potential”

Diane Brown – Head of English

“One of the best features for me is the reporting. It allows me to see at a glance which students are hitting which assessment objectives”

Kevin Pratt – Phonics leader

“The thing that excites me about is how engaging it is. It’s really fun, it’s really energetic, the children get actively involved.”

Rich Pepperell – Head of Science

 “The big benefit for me is the auto marking features. It saves me time on marking, I can spend that with my students, helping the ones who need it”

Toby Holland – English teacher

“I can identify very quickly what weaknesses children have in their learning. I can adapt my teaching to that, so it means I’m working less hard and they’re getting more benefit from my teaching”

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