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Wand Phonics

Wand Phonics is your fully-editable online interactive resource (systematic yet flexible if required) for teaching Phonics from beginners in Reception (4+) through KS1 to KS2. Wand Phonics provides quick access to 120 Phonics lessons each with 13 core activities. Wand Phonics is designed to support teaching and learning, ongoing assessment, and work in partnership with ‘home’ when used to support mainstream class teaching and/or intervention. Wand Phonics saves teachers time and effort spent on lesson planning and provides multi-sensory practice for learners.

  • Teach using 120 fully-editable Phonics lessons organised in 10 groups.
  • Each lesson contains 13 core activities to deliver a ‘teaching & Learning cycle’
  • Fully-aligned to the English National Curriculum learning outcomes
  • Deliver anywhere & anytime with a platform that works on any device
  • Blended teaching and learning Wand Phonics with Phonics International

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  •  Phonics Lessons120
  •  Key StageKS1, KS2, Reception
  •  Pupil Progress Reports
  •  Fully Editable
  •  Deliver on a whiteboard
  •  School Subscription Cost£99 (ex VAT)

Wand Phonics is a digital, editable, interactive Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme ideal for Reception (4+) through Key Stages 1 and 2.

Authored by Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA.

Wand Phonics provides 120 phonics lessons organised in 10 ‘groups’.  Each lesson is complete with up to 13 core activities to deliver a ‘teaching and learning cycle’. The lessons include activities from print-to-sound for reading and sound-to-print for spelling with code, word and text level content.

The Wand Platform can be used in school and at home. It is accessible online using any device.

The activities enable repeated teaching, revision and self-assessment to embed learning for every child’s needs. Reports can be automatically generated to provide feedback if required.

Wand Phonics has comprehensive coverage of the alphabetic code in line with the National Curriculum for English (DfE 2014) and the Systemic Synthetic Phonics teaching principles described in Letters and Sounds (DfES 2007).

Audio features throughout, giving pupils guidance and enabling self-assessment of the sounds, modelled blending, modelled segmenting for spelling, and reading texts aloud.

Wand Phonics includes:

  • systematic introduction of the letter/s-sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code with key pictures and word examples
  • animated letter formation linked to sounds – capital and lower case
  • phonemic awareness activities
  • decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) phonics sub-skills and core skills for cumulative code, words and two texts per lesson
  • comprehensive coverage of spelling alternatives and pronunciation alternatives
  • sorting activities to build knowledge and awareness of spelling word banks

Wand Phonics complements Debbie Hepplewhite’s FREE DfE-validated Phonics International programme suitable for all ages which provides printable and projectable resources for mainstream classrooms and intervention.

Wand Phonics complements Debbie’s DfE-validated No Nonsense Phonics (Skills) programme published by Phonics International Ltd in hard copy, ready-made materials (Pupil Books, Teacher Handbooks, Phonics Reading Books, range of core visual aids).

Phonics International Ltd provides a wide range of FREE Alphabetic Code Charts which complement Wand Phonics.

  •  Phonics Lessons120
  •  Key StageKS1, KS2, Reception
  •  Pupil Progress Reports
  •  Fully Editable
  •  Deliver on a whiteboard
  •  Deliver as homework
  •  Works on any device
  •  School Subscription Cost£99 (ex VAT)

Wand Phonics Group 1 (12 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 2 (13 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 3 (15 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 4 (12 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 5 (13 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 6 (12 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 7 (12 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 8 (9 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 9 (15 lessons)

Wand Phonics Group 10 (6 lessons)

Debbie Hepplewhite – MBE FRSA

Debbie is a former Teacher, Special Needs Teacher and Headteacher. In 2012, Debbie was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Years Honors List for services to education.​

She is an established author in Phonics, with an array of published works including:

  • Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics programme (Oxford University Press);
  • Phonics International programme (Phonics International Ltd);
  • No Nonsense Phonics;
  • Phonics Reading Books (Phonics International Ltd);
  • Phonics and Talk Time pre-school phonics introduction (Phonics International Ltd);
  • Phonics Training Online Self-Study Course (Phonics International Ltd).