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The teaching platform to save you time

Access a growing marketplace of teaching resources. Customise, create and deliver ready-made lessons anytime, anywhere on any device. Assess, and intervene through worksheets complete with automated marking and reporting to track student progress.

Unleash the magic of the Wand platform with:


Wand Marketplace – Access a growing marketplace of customisable teaching resources

Create with templates – Quickly create new content through a growing repository of pre-built templates

Teaching Packages – Fully-editable lesson plans & assessment activities – aligned to the curriculum

Automated Marking – Quickly created assessments that can be automatically marked by the platform

Automated Reporting – Detailed student reports to track progress are created automatically

Personalise your Platform РDesign and Manage the Wand Platform the way you like it


Stephen Farmer – Head teacher

“The software highlights any gaps in learning so my teachers can ensure that their students reach their full potential”

Diane Brown – Head of English

“One of the best features for me is the reporting. It allows me to see at a glance which students are hitting which assessment objectives”

Kevin Pratt – Phonics leader

“The thing that excites me about is how engaging it is. It’s really fun, it’s really energetic, the children get actively involved.”

Rich Pepperell – Head of Science

¬†“The big benefit for me is the auto marking features. It saves me time on marking, I can spend that with my students, helping the ones who need it”

Toby Holland – English teacher

“I can identify very quickly what weaknesses children have in their learning. I can adapt my teaching to that, so it means I’m working less hard and they’re getting more benefit from my teaching”

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