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Wand worksheets are a digital copy of the printed worksheet, giving you the same experience as using the paper version, including options for marking and adding annotations to student work.

Worksheets can be used for ongoing monitoring of progress, revision and exam practice.


Wand saves you time by automatically grading all the fixed answers – letting you annotate and grade the open-ended ones.

You can deliver the worksheets either in the classroom or at home, with students using a simple code. Students can access the worksheets on any of their devices – laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Once the worksheets are completed, you will get access to key student reports that will provide valuable classroom insights on student progress.

Science Worksheet

How do they work?

Wand worksheets are extremely flexible and functional enabling you to

Quickly create worksheets

Build your own assessments and choose from a wide range of questions types


Fixed-answer questions are pre-validated giving you and your students instant results

Ready-made worksheets

Access a library of ready-made worksheets and edit to match your classroom needs

Deliver to any device

You can deliver the worksheet to student devices using a simple code

Mark and annotate

Mark and annotate open-ended answers, just like a traditional paper worksheet

Get reports

Track student progress with completion reports and progress learning charts

Unlock the power of the Wand Platform

1:1 replica to printed version

Wand Worksheets provide a 1:1 digital copy of printed worksheets, keeping the same page format, testing items and marks, enabling key features of the printed version:

Teacher Marking – You can mark student activities

Teacher Annotations – You can annotate student answers, just as you would on a printed worksheet

Mapped Assessment Objectives

Each testing item is linked to a learning objective from the exam board

Saves marking time

All fixed testing items are auto-validated, significantly reducing the time you spend marking

Saves reporting time

Wand provides key reports instantly, reports that would typically take you hours to create:

Classroom Insights – Wand worksheets give you a set of student reports that improve your overview of the class’s progress

Evidence of Student Work – You can access any student paper at any time, download it as a PDF or print it out

Printable – You can print the worksheet in case you want to use it in a traditional way

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