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Wand slides are specially designed to support you when using the interactive whiteboard

Your students will become active participants, not passive watchers.


They are an exciting alternative to static PowerPoint slides, enabling you to easily jazz-up your existing slides with interactive learning activities that will stimulate class interaction.

You can choose between various built-in templates designed for classroom interaction, such as classifications, matching, ranking, word order, puzzle, crossword, trivia and many others



How slides work

Using Wand Education slides you can:

Use ready-made content

Save time with ready-made interactive and quality lessons aligned to learning standards

Build from templates

Quickly create presentations, learning games & assessments using pre-built templates

Import from PowerPoint

Import your existing Powerpoint lessons straight into the Wand platform

Project slides

You can preview all slides in full-screen mode on the interactive whiteboard

Deliver slides

Use groups to present slides as assignments and tailor your content to different abilities

Share slides

You can easily share slides with students and teachers using a URL link

Import slides

Search, add and edit slides created by other teachers within the Wand Library

Publish slides

Create and publish slides directly to the Wand Library to share best practice


Completion reports and progress learning charts let you track student progress

Unlock the power of the Wand Platform

Interactive content

You can enrich your slides with editable interactive content that will increase your students’ attention

Track progress

With every assignment delivered, you can track student progress with visual reports that provide actionable data


One-click import of existing slides using the PowerPoint import feature

Access anywhere

You can access all content anytime, anywhere on any device