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How do I manually add students to a group?

To manually add students to a group, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to STUDENTS page


Step 2: Click on the student group

If you don’t have a students group already created, you can always create a new group.


Step 3: Click on the ADD STUDENTS button


Step 4: Fill-in student details

To fill-in student details, you can either fill-in all the details from the keyboard, or simply use the Auto-fill button or a combination of the two. The Auto-fill button will simply fill-in all the empty textboxes. This means you can just add the student name and press the Auto-fill button to generate a username and a password.

Alternatively, you can just go ahead and press the Auto-fill button from the start to generate anonymous student accounts.

You can add students without email by (a) typing a basic username instead of email or (b) click the add another until you have added all students then click the save group button to save.