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How do I add students to the platform?

You can add students yourself to the platform using any of these three options: manually, using a CSV or XLS file or, if your account is linked to a school, you can add school groups created by the administrator of the Wand School Account.

Step 1: Go to STUDENTS page


Step 2: Click on the GROUP button


Step 3: Add a title for the new group and press CREATE GROUP


Step 4: Click on the ADD button


Step 5: Fill in student details

You will need to add first name, last name and username or email for each student, as password is being generated automatically. User names must be 3 characters or more long. If you are creating usernames they need to be unique.

You can always use the AUTOFILL button to fill-in an empty field automatically.


Step 6: Add more students

You can add more students using any of these 3 options:

  1. Add another. This will add a new student where you need to manually input student details;
  2. Import. This will enable you to import an XLS or CSV file from your computer, in order to add students automatically; We strongly recommend using the XLS template, which can be downloaded here;
  3. Generate. Will generate 5 anonymous students;


Step 7: Click the SAVE GROUP button