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How do I add students to the platform?

You can add students yourself to the platform using any of these three options: manually, using a CSV or XLS file or, if your account is linked to a school, you can add school groups created by the administrator of the Wand School Account.

Step 1: Go to STUDENTS page


Step 2: Click on the GROUP button


Step 3: Add a title for the new group and press CREATE GROUP


Step 4: Click on the ADD button


Step 5: Fill in student details

You will need to add first name, last name and username for each student, as password is being generated automatically.

You can always use the AUTOFILL button to fill-in an empty field automatically.


Step 6: Add more students

You can add more students using any of these 3 options:

  1. Add another. This will add a new student where you need to manually input student details;
  2. Import. This will enable you to import an XLS or CSV file from your computer, in order to add students automatically; We strongly recommend using the XLS template, which can be downloaded here;
  3. Generate. Will generate 5 anonymous students;


Step 7: Click the SAVE GROUP button