What is Wand Education?

What is a Wand?

A wand is a teacher’s pride and joy. It’s a deeply personal magical platform that helps its wielder to channel their energy into every lesson plan they cast, making it hugely important to daily life in the teaching world.

Wand is a technology platform that supports primary and secondary school teachers by providing access to high-class online content and learning support materials, automated marking and one-click reporting.

To put things into relative context – Wand Education was created to give back to teachers what has been profoundly missing for many a year – free time outside of work.

Work-life balance is important in every profession, and teaching is no exception.  One of the contributing factors to fewer teachers joining the profession (alongside pay and living conditions) is the interference with social calendars that extra work brings.

The Wand solution, therefore, is tailored to solve the problem that current curriculums cause with extra workloads that eat into non-work time.  By providing unlimited resources, lesson plan templates, automated marketing and clear and precise reporting tools, Wand Education is changing the way teachers teach.

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