Welcome to Wand

Your new home for reading up on education technology and teaching.  News, expert views, top tips and much more. All focussed on saving you time and making your teaching life easier.


It gives me great pleasure to be the first to welcome you to the Wand Education blog.

We hope to make this your new home for finding the very latest on all things teaching and education tech. From today, we’ll begin creating and sharing content aimed at making teaching easier and saving you time.

If you’re the average teacher – and the workload studies I read are accurate – you’re working a 54 hour week. Your week long enough as it is. Between lesson planning, teaching, marking and reporting there’s not a lot of time left for anything else, like life for instance.

This doesn’t sit well with the team at Wand. We want to help teachers like you win back your evenings and weekends. With the aim of you working a normal 40-hour woking week.

It’s why we built the Wand Platform and it’s why we’re writing this blog.

Helping you save time

We hope to turn this blog into your go to teaching resource for saving time. But what does that really mean…

It could be as simple as being the location you can trust for the latest teaching news, so you don’t have to trawl the web. Or something a little more tangible, like a series of tips to help accelerate your marking practices. It might even be about helping you with the heavy lifting, such as amazing ideas to take the thought out of lesson planning.

Whatever we create or share, we will aim for it to save you time.

So, watch this space…