Return on Investment for Teacher Time

It will always be generally agreed that most of teaching is essential, interesting and forever challenging. But teachers that are wasting time doing seemingly trivial but ultimately important day to day projects are effecting their well-being and ultimate teacher happiness.

Let Wand explain.  Teachers are currently spending between 33 and 38 hours per month on planning, marking and reporting, unquestionably 3 of the most important, yet also most time-consuming tasks they can undertake in education.  For each 1 hour of actual teaching, teachers only have 1 hour to both plan the lesson and do all the marking that arises from it. Instead of doing everything that they can to ensure this time is maximised and used efficiently, there are too many schools that are imposing bureaucracy on planning (overly detailed mandatory templates) and marking (where extra feedback is demanded for accountability purposes).

Teacher Wellbeing

In the current educational environment, where schools are trying to increase student attainment with a diminishing budget, teacher wellbeing may be overlooked as a ‘nice to have’ rather than as essential.  Many teachers feel overworked, under-appreciated and stressed. Many teachers’ work-life balance is non-existent, their relationships outside of work are suffering, and their passion for the profession is waning.

A teacher with low health and wellbeing, experiencing high levels of stress or who is ill at work, will not perform to the best of their ability.  The extra pressure that comes with planning, marking and reporting to help with student progress is obvious and plays heavy on the precious time management for any teacher.

The Financial Cost

Schools are also feeling the financial burden of poor time management by teachers. By spending over 33 hours per month on planning, marking and teaching, this, based on average teacher salaries, equates to over £475 of costs per teacher per month in terms of the financial spend.  That works out to an average of £14,250 per annum for each school of 30 teachers.

The true cost of time will always be a debatable subject in teaching, but if you consider the Wand full testing suite can be purchased for as little as £1,000, then you can see the true benefit in the time-saving platform form a cost-effective point of view

Time Saving from Wand

The Wand platform is purpose-built around the needs of teachers and schools with the true aim of allowing teachers to win back their evenings and weekends.  Built to save time and improve teaching, the resource platform is ever-evolving to work for and with those in education.

By spending more quality time teaching and less time planning and preparing, Wand customers are reaping the rewards of their success.

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