Preparing for the EdTech Revolution

The modern classroom is changing. Technology has had a gradual, but significant, effect on the education sector over the past 20 years, bringing about an evolution in how teachers and students interact within the curriculum.

But, despite the abundance of educational technology (EdTech) available to schools, it is the unfortunate case that many still lack the basic computing resources to make use of it. Those that do have them suffer from poor internet connectivity – rendering tech which requires a network connection useless.

Encouragingly, the government recently announced £4.6 million investment in a push to improve the capacity for EdTech in schools UK-wide. The programme includes the coming together of the new EdTech Leadership Group, chaired by former Paralympian Baron Chris Holmes, who said the funding “represents a great opportunity to work together to ensure every student and our entire education system can access the benefits that technology can bring.”

But what considerations must be considered when it comes to the development and implementation of technology in the classroom?

The Wand solution is focussed on how the best use of technology, for the benefit of students and teachers alike, is used in education.

The Wand technology platform supports primary and secondary school teachers by providing access to online content and learning support materials, automated marking and one-click reporting.  The platform itself becomes an all in one educational project management tool that provides time-rich support for teachers and continues nurturing and development for pupils.

By using the Wand application, Schools are enjoying a free-flowing system that is benefiting the many, not the few.

With modern classrooms changing in the EdTech revolution, how future-proof is your school?