New Wand Content Packages

Shopping. It is often cheaper than therapy.

With the ever-increasing demand for fast sales and instant purchasing, the Wand Education team are making a change following months of Teacher and School research.  The new Wand Shop is being born to offer direct access to the best in teacher resources across Primary and Secondary Education.

The new ecommerce channel is designed on flexible usability and easy access to the content packages designed and written by the esteemed authors and partners of Wand Education.  By overcoming geographical limitations by offering a universal online shopping experience, we have designed the store to help locate relevant packages quicker and be open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

New Wand Content Packages

Teaching and Learning Resources from Wand are allowing access to a growing number of content packages for teaching and learning in primary and secondary education. All resources can be easily customised by teachers using Wand’s authoring engine, enabling teachers to edit, delete, reorder or create new activities.  A choice of teaching and learning activities created by subject specialists’ authors are quality assured before launch.

The Wand Shop Packages that are coming soon include:

  • Progress testing
  • Employability, Learn & Assess (End Sept)
  • French AQA GCSE worksheets (End Sept)
  • Spanish Edexcel GCSE worksheets (End Sept
  • History AQA GCSE worksheets (Oct)
  • Wellbeing Learn & Assess (Oct)
  • Combined Science Edexcel GCSE worksheets (Oct)

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