New Platform Updates from Wand

Wand Education was created to allow teachers more time to do what they love: ‘teach’. We take the best content and deliver easily customisable lessons with assessment, marking and reporting in one simple, easy to use package.

Before moving ahead with the wider programme for the new academic year, Wand looked to gain feedback from teachers who are current users of the platform, to determine whether it is meeting their needs and what development is required to ensure that the offering attracts a high level of uptake.

Focus Group

In June 2019, a group of 30 teachers were invited to attend our first ‘Focus Group’, designed to engage and gather feedback for the way that the Wand platform was used and how we could improve the customer experience from the moment they sign in.

The feedback was fantastic, helping the Wand Technical team understand what needed to improve and what needed updating to provide the resolute solution to teacher classroom support. We listened, we actioned, we are about to deliver.

The New Platform

The Technical team from Wand have been busy – while many tried to forget the world of education over the summer, the Wand team were creating a whole new framework that now includes:

  • Assign by Code. Each resource comes with an 8-digit code and all you need to assign it to your students. You don’t even have to log in to Wand.
  • MIS Synchronization. If you have a school MIS, adding or updating students, groups and teachers will be done automatically.
  • Shop. We’ve made it easier for you to find high-quality teaching resources by creating a shop with content from well-known authors.
  • 5000+ testing items. In collaboration with WestExe Secondary School, we have created testing resources for each topic and every subject in KS3 and KS4.
  • New Progress Reports. We have redesigned the student progress reports to provide you with actionable insights in a snapshot.
  • Progress & Attainment Reports. Wand can now generate reports at school, subject, year and group level that shows how students have progressed on a given topic.

These changes have been made with one purpose in mind – to help save teachers time.

To try the new platform for yourself and kick start your classroom planning, set up your free 14-day trial today here